How to Watch Big Hit Label’s 2021 New Year’s Eve Live (BTS, TXT, GFriend, Enhypen and more!)

Last November, Big Hit Entertainment unveiled their New Year’s Eve celebration! Staying true to how Big Hit Entertainment works, they are welcoming the coming year with a huge bang!

The 2021 New Year’s Eve Live is the first ever countdown concert that will present the label’s artists in one spectacular performance. It brings together the artists and the fans all over the world to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Performances by Big Hit talents such as Lee Hyun, Bumzu, NU’Est, BTS, Gfriend, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) and ENHYPEN are already confirmed. It would’ve been nice if Seventeen joined, but they already agreed to a prior commitment (awww….) The label also announced special international artists that would participate in the concert, these are Halsey, Steve Aoki and Lauv. Big Hit Entertainment’s 2021 New Year’s Eve Live is scheduled to air December 31 at 21:30 KST


Well, for one it has a lot of perks. If you purchase the early bird tickets (available from December 8 to December 14 only), you get a Special Ticket which allows you to select 1 out of 7 artist designs. Cool huh?

Not only that, you also get to have an exclusive, 2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE Emblem. And of course, access to a delayed, single-view streaming of the entire performance that you can watch again. This stream will be on January 2 at 11AM KST, which is a single camera view of the artists’ performance in HD.


The tickets for the 2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE could be purchased through Weverse Shop App starting on December 8, when tickets go on sale. You can find them exclusively via the 2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE shop.

The event will be similar to the BangBangCon and Map Of The Soul ON:E concerts, in a way that KISWE will facilitate the online streaming of the live event.

After purchasing your ticket from the Weverse Shop App, go to 2021 NEW YEARS’ EVE LIVE , input the details to your Weverse Shop account, create your username and enjoy the concert! Make sure to set a reminder in your phone to remind you (if ever you need it) to log in and be ready for the streaming.


Big Hit Entertainment makes sure that you get to be a part of the fun even if you are not an official fan club member of any of their talents. You can choose from the two packages below:

1.     HD Single View

– costs $36

– limited quantities sold, access to once camera angle only.

2.     HG Multi View 4

– $45

– Access to four camera angles to view the event from


These following two tier tickets are only exclusively sold to the official member holders of Big Hit Entertainment talents like Nu’est, BTS, Gfriend, Tomorrow X Together or Enhypen.

1.   HG Multi View 6

– costs $45

– access to four camera angles to view the event from

– access to other 2 camera angles of online meet and greet live streaming

2.   HG Multi View and HD Multi-view 6

– cost $54

– access to four camera angles to view the event from

– access to other 2 camera angles of online meet and greet live streaming

– another extra camera view of the show in 4K streaming.

There you have it friends! A detailed and straight to the point information on how to enjoy the upcoming 2021 New Year’s Eve Live! So what are you waiting for? Go to the Weverse Shop and purchase your tickets while it is still on the early bird promo!

What more could you ask for? If you have significant other, or family and friends who are finding it hard to give you a gift this holidays, send them this article as a not so subtle hint of what will make your holiday celebration complete.

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