BTS Bang Bang Con: The Live – Where to Watch and How to Buy Tickets

If you are a massive BTS fan like me, you may have been heartbroken by the postponement of their Map of the Soul World Tour. Of course, the announcement was due to the current COVID19 pandemic, and with that, I think it is a more than valid excuse. But, we should come to our senses since our favorites and their parent company Big Hit Entertainment compensated our disappointment by announcing the Bang Bang Con: The Live concert!


This coming June 14 at 6:00 P.M. KST, our beloved BTS will indulge us with a live-streamed concert – the Bang Bang Con: The Live. Consider it as a dessert to the recently held Bang Bang Con virtual success or a bonus celebration to the group’s seventh year anniversary since their debut in June 13, 2013 which is celebrated on the first two weeks of June every year via the BTS Festa. Either way, this is one of the most anticipated events in the music industry worldwide. The pay-per-view live stream concert will last for approximately for 90 minutes and will be performed from the comforts of the members’ homes… or will it be?

BTS Black Swan Concept Group Photo


Weverse began accepting the preorder of tickets for the Bang Bang Con: The Live since June 1, 2020. Since both the virtual concert and the tickets could be accessed through Weverse, I highly suggest to just download the Weverse App. Here are the step by step guide I have made for your ticket purchasing to be easier and stress free.

1.     Download the Weverse Shop app.

2.     At the bottom of the app, you have the option to change the currency settings.

3.     To do this, click more menu.

4.     Select the appropriate currency for your country.

5.     After that, enter the BTS’ shop.

6.     In the shop, you can finally find the link that will lead you to the concert tickets. (It is right on the front page)

7. After paying for the tickets in the Weverse Shop, you will be given a link. You will use this link (and your Weverse Shop account and password) to get to the streaming page.


So that is the purchasing of the tickets. For the streaming of the actual concert, you have to follow these instructions:

1.   Go to

2.   You can change the language at the top right corner. To do this click the globe icon beside the default KO langaugae (Korean)

3.   In the drop down choices, select your language.

4.   After changing the language to your preference, go to Log In.

5.   You will be welcomed by a small window. It will say “Please log in with the Weverse Shop ID that you used to purchase a ticket”.

6.   Click Continue.

7.   Another Window will open. This prompts you to fill in your Weverse account credentials. Click Log in.

Why don’t you stream, listen and dance to ‘ON’ while reading this article? 😀

Additional Tips: The prices vary whether you have an ARMY membership or not. For members, the price per ticket is $26.09 For non-members it is a bit pricier at $35.10 The tickets will allow you to stream the Bang Bang Con The Live concert. As an additional treat, you will also have access to the VOD so that you can rewatch the concert after it streams. You can have at least two devices streaming simultaneously. Aside from that, you are treated to a Multiview stream. This means that you have access to every single camera angle in the performance. To enable this option, all you have to do is click the MULTIVIEW button in the player.

Isn’t it exciting? Yes, the Map of the Soul World Tour is postponed this year, but at least our boys are exerting an effort to reach out to us and make our lives in quarantine a bit better. They’ve been feeding us quality photos, videos, live streams, selcas and more! We are the most spoiled fandom ever!

Jungkook, Jin & J-Hope (Jamais Vu) / Suga & RM (Respect) / Jimin and V (Friends)

Yesterday, BTS finally revealed the three subunits that we predict will perform on Bang Bang Con: The Live or on the BTS Birthday Party on the 13th. First is RM & Suga for Respect; Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook for Jamais Vu (finally! our quarantine remedy! LOL!) and soulmates Jimin and V for ‘Friends‘. Since the show will last for 90 minutes, we are hoping that they will also perform the solo tracks from the Map of the Soul: 7 album. Is Bang Bang Con: The Live similar with the yearly muster or is it more of a concert experience? We’ll find out this Sunday!

BTS PINK FAMILY PORTRAIT: V, Jin, RM, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin and J-Hope

Are you watching Bang Bang Con: The Live this weekend? Let us support our boys and watch the concert in the comforts of our home!

If you’re new to BTS, you might be interested in The 30-Day BTS Song Challenge Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 that I did on my other blog! It can also serve as an introduction to some of BTS’ iconic songs. If you’re a certified army, check out the BTS Army Travel Guide! I PURPLE YOU! 😀


  1. tayyaba Asim said:

    hi! i am from asia and want to buy ticket for concert can you help me but i also want to buy the mini posts card of bts but they are sold out can these will be available on weverse shop again?

    June 22, 2020

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