Ilocos Norte Day Trip: Laoag and Paoay Part 2

PAOAY KUMAKAWAY! When in Paoay, it is often suggested that you pass by the Paoay Church, a century-old baroque church which was recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1993. I visited the Paoay Church when I was younger and had a photo taken with my parents. Memories πŸ™‚

The Paoay Church was under renovation when we arrived. When I entered the church for the first time in many years, I now noticed that this church is still ‘standing strong’ despite the many earthquakes and typhoons Ilocos had gone through in the past.

When I went outside, I noticed that green plants are starting to grow within the structure. Forgive me if I cannot describe the details of the church that much.

We passed by Herencia Cafe to check shop for pasalubong (Cornick, which I ended up eating LOL) and to check the buzz on the Pinakbet Pizza. My aunt told me not to buy one since our lunch for the day is Pinakbet with Bagnet. Woooot!

Pinakbet, i bet!
Bagnet ftw!

My uncle cooked my favorite Ilocano Dish while we were gallivanting around. Again, we talked about my mom and my plans for the future. We also ate the Krispy Kreme donuts I brought as pasalubong.

Museo Ilocos Norte – Uncover Ilocandia’s past

I slept for a two hours to recharge. Our next destination is Museo Ilocos Norte, which is located just at the back side of the City Hall. If you want to know more about the culture and humble beginnings of the Ilocanos, I suggest that you visit this museum. (will make a separate blog entry about it soon)

Cheesecake etc. Cafe in La Tabacalera

We went to Cheesecakes etc. for merienda.

Outside Ilocos Norte’s Capitol Building (featuring my shadow)

Before we went back home, we passed by the Capitol of Ilocos Norte. That time, they were busy removing the Christmas decorations. Too late? Not really. We all know that Christmas begins as early as September and ends as late as February in the Philippines hehe πŸ˜€

Red Buses ni Manang Imee

While walking, I noticed a cute red bus with the cartoon image of Gov. Imee Marcos on it. According to my aunt, it is the program of Ilocos Norte wherein students can ride for free (or is it discounted?). It is a big help for the students since daily transportation fees can be a big burden to some families. Sometimes, students opt to just not go to school because they don’t have enough money for a jeepney or tricycle ride.

It’s about time to bid temporary goodbye to my relatives as I went straight to Laoag International Airport afterwards to meet up with my dear friend Jason, whom I met for the first time πŸ˜› Our Pagudpud-Bangui-Burgos adventure is up next!


  1. Errr!! Hindi pa tinanggal ung Christmas tree diyan? I was expecting it na wala na because I’m planning to go back in Laoag tp capture the capitol without the Christmas tree. uh.

    Anyway, babalikan ko ung Museo Ilocos Norte, I missed it.

    February 20, 2012
    • Senyorita said:

      Edmar, tinatanggal na siya when I took that picture last January πŸ™‚ Hindi ko naman maipost yung photo ko ng Paoay Church dahil hindi ko mahanap sa memory card 😐

      February 21, 2012

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