The Fun Days of Online Concerts

Who would’ve thought that four years ago, the world almost stopped due to the global pandemic?

Because of Covid-19, a lot of people assessed how they lived their lives in the past. We realized that not traveling and staying at home for the time-being is not a terrible idea at all.

In my case, I became a BTS ARMY. I started collecting new merchandise, binge-watch their shows and concerts, played all their albums and like what most fans say, ‘once you JIM IN, you can’t JIM OUT’.

To keep a lot of people sane, streaming sites became aggressive in putting out content for the masses to see. The concept that was new to most of us is the idea of Online Concerts. I can still remember how excited we were at home as this was something new. Will online concerts work? Will the excitement built in a legit concert venue translate in our living rooms?

BTS’ BANG BANG CON: THE LIVE 2020 was my first online concert viewing experience. Though the concert was streamed live in a studio in South Korea, we can feel the tension and how nervous the boys were despite the fact that there are no live audiences to cheer them on that time. Millions of fans worldwide were able to stream and enjoy the concert. Before you know it, the group produced and organized more live concerts like the epic BTS Map of the Soul ON:E concert. To be honest, fangirling was the main reason why the pandemic was tolerable for me.

So, what were my takeaways after watching tons of online concerts during the pandemic years?

  1. Buying legit online concert tickets is worth every penny

    Just like the traditional concert setting, live online concert streamings required tickets that you can use on the day of the concert (with benefits like delayed streaming and special badges). For HYBE concerts, one ticket allows two devices. The price is still expensive, but at least more than one person can watch the show.

  2. It is fun to watch the same live concert simultaneously with fellow fans

    I never thought that the day would come where I can claim that I’ve seen a live K-Pop concert with my grandpa (who is also a BTS ARMY, btw). I’ve also watched with friends even if one is in Dagupan, the other is in Pampanga and another one is in the UK. The post-concert depression was felt too! We also exchanged souvenirs and photocards. It is just fun to discuss the highlights of the program, our favorite moments and so on.

  3. Watching a concert – even thru the TV screen – gives you a different kind of high

    They often say that watching a live performance can raise your spirits. Guess what? This also applies to performances streamed live! The excitement, the energy, singing and dancing along with your favorite artists and the aftermath just gives one the happy vibes. No wonder a lot of people are willing to spend – and travel – for the sake of watching a special concert of their faves. It gives one a different kind of euphoria!

    Also, no one beats the comfort of watching a concert, series or movie in the comforts of your home especially when you’re snuggling at with your favorite comforter or linens wrapped around your body. Isn’t that fun and relaxing at the same time?
  4. Livestreaming a concert legally is okay – especially if you can’t afford the travel expenses

    Let’s get real: Going to a concert – especially if the venue is not in the city you’re currently at – can be very expensive. Apart from the tickets, you have to think of your transportation, accommodation, food, light sticks, merchandise and so on. We all have different priorities in life and it is okay not to attend the concert of your favorites in person. It is good that now, we have the option to stream the concert and enjoy at the same moment as the attendees at the venue. I remember watching the Permission to Dance LA concert while a friend of mine is at the stadium. We were able to discuss Jin’s birthday project while he used RJ as a head piece after the show.

  5. Being Present and Living the Moment

In a world where most of us are distracted, watching a concert with no options to skip or pause makes us enjoy the present and live the moment. Sing your heart out! Dance like nobody’s watching! Dream!

BTS are currently busy with their military service and in four months, Jin will be discharged! I haven’t watched an online concert in a while (the last is Agust D’s D-Day), but I am happy to share that I did watch Hwang Minhyun’s Manila concert last October (I still have to write about it soon!)

So there. Though the concert scene and music festivals are back to normal now, I hope that live streaming options will still be offered. Fans are willing to play for quality!

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