Travel Videos: Dagupan City Food Strip, Kalesa Tour and Firetruck Invasion


Even before the official Dagupan City Fiesta 2015 started, Maire, Lovely, Louise and I were able to visit the Dagupan City Food Strip because we suddenly craved for street food. We decided to take videos while food tripping as we also reminisce our fun college days with friends.

Isaw, Tokneneng, Chicken Skin, Mais on a Stick, Fruit Shakes and Toys! There are more shopping items to buy for an affordable price at the Baratilyo strip.

So you think Vigan in Ilocos Sur is the only place in Northern Luzon that offer Kalesa Tours at night? Well, Dagupan City has been doing it for years!

Stroll along the Downtown Loop at night via Kalesa. The trip costs Php 150 per Kalesa good for 2-4 passengers depending on the height and weight. We did the Kalesa Tour way before they installed the colorful city christmas lights. When visiting the Bangus Capital of the World, don’t forget to take the Dagupan City Kalesa Tour!

FIRETRUCK INVASION – Chat with Balon Bombero Dagupan Firefighters

Before we called it a night, we decided to pass by the Bibingka place. A friendly fireman from Balon Bombero Dagupan allowed us to take pictures and even taught us some safety tips in case of emergency. I was close to singing Jessie J’s Burnin’ Up, but we settled to Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire because of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s APEC visit.

I originally planned to cover the highlights of the Dagupan City Fiesta this year. Unfortunately, I had to go somewhere and I am on house arrest as I blog this because I’m sick :/ I plan to continue my Explore Pangasinan video series with my friends Maire, Lovely and Louise so stay tuned! 😀

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