Travel Tip: How to Get the Best Hotel Accommodation in Sydney

While no single method can get you the best hotel accommodation in Sydney, there are plenty of ways to try. Here are a few important tips you could use in getting the best hotel accommodation in Sydney.

A Discount Site Will Get You a Discounted Experience

Not all the time, but at least half of the time. If you read personal experiences online, you will find that booking through discount sites on the Internet will (almost always) give you the worst experience. If you think this is unfair, well, establishments do earn the slimmest profit from big discounts. And to tell you frankly, guests who look at discounts really choose their accommodation not based on quality but on value. Our advice? Think twice before visiting discount sites.

Book Early and Be Flexible With Your Travel Dates

If you want to get the best accommodation, book early. This way, you get to choose the best room according to your preference (be it a corner room, or one that is nearest the elevator). You also get a discount by booking your room early.

Being flexible with your dates gives you the option to choose the best price for your accommodation. Hotel rates are widely based on the date of your travel, so you may find great weekend deals. Some hotels give lower rates during midweek as well. Scheduling your trip during off-peak dates might also save you some big bucks because rates are sky-high during peak seasons.

Tipping Pays Off

If booking early or being flexible with the dates doesn’t work for you, then you can try giving yourself an “upgrade”. Here’s one of the things a front desk agent tells you: “All the standard rooms are the same, sir.”

You don’t believe that, do you? There is always a better room—a room with an extra pillow, a bigger flat screen, a larger bath, or a better view of the Sydney Harbour. Whatever it is, only the hotel agents can tell you which rooms are better. And you’ll find that there is always a better one if you give an extra 20 dollars as a tip. If there is nothing more room-wise, then the agent will probably be happy to give you some extra room amenities because of your generosity.

Avoid Getting “Walked”       

Try to book for at least 2 nights in a hotel room. If you are staying for just one night, there’s a higher chance of getting “walked”. This means that the hotel staff will have to transfer you to another comparable hotel in the area. No-show rate is at 10 percent daily so to avoid losing money, hotels overbook at a 110 percent capacity in the hopes that even with cancellations, they will be able to fill every room. Sometimes, the figures do not play in the hotel’s favor, thus the “walking” of guests.

Guests that are likely to be “walked” are those that booked with a highly discounted rate, one-nighters, first time guests, and sometimes, rude guests. Oh yes, it pays to be nice!

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