My 6 Hour Stay at Serenediva Colombo Transit Hotel

Remember when I mentioned I didn’t want to limit my time staying within the corners of Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka during my long layover for my India trip? Well, it was a different story on my return.

My last night in Kerala was an emotional one. It is a scenario I never expected prior to the Kerala Blog Express 2. For two weeks, I bonded with fellow travel bloggers and the KBE crew. It feels like I know each one of them for ages and I know that our friendship is worth keeping. Most of us cried when we had to part ways. Half of the group stayed in a Crowne Plaza Hotel (those who are not flying out the next day), while the rest went straight to the airport hotel. I was on the latter due to my early morning flight back to Colombo.

I had 15 hours to spend in Colombo.

My friends suggested that I go out and do a bit of a city tour, but I decided to just stay in the airport. Apart from the fact that I was sleepless and suffering from post-travel depression, I didn’t want to deal with the hot and humid weather.

Taking advantage of CBTL Colombo Airport’s Free WIFI.

Just like most travelers waiting for their flight, I overstayed in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for the free wifi. I think I stayed there for four hours. I wasn’t feeling well so I went to the floor where the Colombo Transit Hotel is located. I asked for the rates and paid right then and there.

The damage? $58 for 6 hours.

Typically, I won’t pay that much for a six hour stay. That time, I was willing to splurge for some comfort and luxury since I didn’t spend a lot in Kerala. Might as well pamper myself and get some decent sleep, right?

Here’s a photo of my room:

Serenediva Colombo Transit Hotel Room

So what did I do in my room in 6 hours? I took a bath, made phone calls, uploaded photos and slept for four hours. It’s a good deal, right?

Serenediva Colombo Transit Hotel Room

Feeling refreshed and energetic upon check-out, I went to one of the airport restaurants for my dinner, which I kind of regret since I didn’t finish my full meal. Too spicy to handle.

Chicken Biryani

I went back to CBTL for some Iced Mocha and of course, the Free Wifi!

Will I stay in a Transit Hotel again? If I have extra money and I’m also lazy, YES. Sometimes, you need to consider taking a break by doing nothing even if it means you need to shell out some cash. On the plane, I was able to watch a good film and ate a fantastic meal.

Midnigth Inflight Meal (Colombo-Singapore) of SriLankan Airlines

Have you stayed in a Transit Hotel? Will you do it again? Share your experience on the comments section!


  1. Mitchteryosa said:

    Just by looking at the hoto, ang anghang nga, ampula eh hehe!

    Miss you! Dalagita na si Derelle, when are we going to see each other next?

    September 11, 2015
  2. Anil said:

    While travelling back to Brussels from Kerala, I had a 8 hour layover in Colombo. After eating my meal at the allotted restaurant ( free meal coupon from Srilankan airlines), I opted to use 6 hours in the transit hotel for some rest. It was a bit too much. Paid 40 something Euro for 6 hours!! But the room was comfortable, and the staff quite nice. Had a wake up call for my next flight.

    January 13, 2017

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