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There are only a few reasons I can think of why Hamburg may be unknown to anyone: you are either from a country distant from continental Europe and its influence, you once had a bad grade at geography back in high school, or you live in a country so secluded that your knowledge about the rest of the world is simply delimited. Otherwise, you would have known one of Europe’s most prosperous transport hub, Germany’s second largest city, EU’s eight largest city, and a home to UNESCO’s 2015 World Heritage Site, Speicherstadt, that is Hamburg.

The prosperity that Hamburg now enjoys was not something that happened overnight. At its record, the city-state was part of a confederation that makes Hamburg to be one of the early mercantile states of Europe during the Middle Ages renowned as the Hanseatic League. In fact, as proof of this reality, the official name of Hamburg is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

To date, Hamburg is an affluent city at the northern part of Germany and is a center for both media and commerce, known for its ports. Adding to the attraction of this rich city, it is now also a host to some of the best places to visit if you are in Germany, even in the whole of Europe. Even Hamburg’s night scene is seriously booming with so many things to do!


The following are five of the best places to visit if you are in Hamburg, Germany:

Planten un Blomen

Wanting to see everything what is good at Hamburg is best started at the heart of it all – the Planten un Blomen. Literally, the words of the place would mean “Plants and Flowers” in English and is the highlight of the place. Stretching for over 47 hectares of massive lush green park, the Planten un Blomen is the highlight of the natural beauty of Hamburg whose great appeals can be found on its Botanical garden, partly a home to a biggest Japanese garden in all of Europe; not to mention, its fountain display with added lights to complement the experience.

Miniatur Wunderland

Want a taste of Legoland but within the bounds of Germany? Why not visit Legoland’s German counterpart, the Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest exhibition of model railway which was started early in the year 2000. As a successful destination among children and adults alike, Miniatur Wunderland remains strong in business with new attractions and is currently set to expand completely by 2020.

Emigration Museum

Known locally in Germany as the BallinStadt but also known for other names such as the “Port of Dreams,” this museum is historical to Germany which is a commemoration to the time when emigration to the Americas was a significant part of history set in what is now the museum itself, homesteading to 5 million people from across Europe.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

You need not have to have a family member buried in this cemetery to visit the place, like most 2 million visitors do to the place. As a place of rest for the departed, some of which renowned in Germany, familiar celebrity names can be found in some of the gravestones in this place. However, it is the sculptures within the area that is said to attract visitors in it, not just the celebrity names engraved all over the place.

Hamburg Harbor

It is hard to imagine not visiting one of Europe’s busiest port if you are in Hamburg, Germany as the city’s name itself is already attributed to its port which gave it its riches. As what you would expect from a bustling area in the city, it never gets dull to pay the port a visit, especially if you are a new traveler to the place.

Now, are you convinced? Give Hamburg a chance and visit it as soon as possible!

This is a contribution by Tommy Houston. 


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