KALARIPAYATTU VIDEOS: Indian Martial Arts from Kerala

A trip to Kerala is not complete without witnessing a Kalaripayattu performance!

What is Kalaripayattu? It is the oldest form of martial arts and it originated from Kerala. Yes, even older than Kung Fu! The Kerala Blog Express 2 crew were lucky to witness such marvelous performance in Greenwoods Resort in Thekkady.

Honestly, I cannot find the right words to describe how I felt upon watching the performers as they showcase the different styles of Kalaripayattu. Watch the videos and let me know what you think!



VIDEO # 3 






I am not the type of person who watches martial arts, but I do appreciate the history and the hardwork of the Kalari artists. They start training at an early age and as you can see in the videos, it takes guts and determination in order to be an expert in this field.

Please do not try these stunts at home! One wrong move, you’re dead.

Watching the Kalaripayattu performance is one of the highlights of our trip to Thekkady. I do really have fun memories in this cool paradise. Don’t miss it when you visit Kerala!

Which among the eight videos caught your interest the most? Have you seen a Kalarupayattu performance on stage, TV or Film?

Thank you to Greenwoods Resort for the hospitality! The Kalari artists featured on the videos perform regularly at Kadathanadan Kalari Center. You may visit their website fore more information. 

NOTE: This trip is part of the Kerala Blog Express 2. Visit Kerala in India and be watch wonderful performances like what you’ve seen in this page 🙂

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  1. K PARTHEEBAN said:

    Would be great put the video how to wear the kalati dress.

    November 16, 2019

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