Dancing to Travel

Music and Travel go together. There are instances wherein one song reminds me of a specific place. It brings back the joy, the pain and the memories of a certain trip. Most of these songs are played while you’re in the beach having a good time with your friends or while spending some precious moments with your beloved.

I love dancing and as a matter of fact, I once planned to pursue a career as a professional dancer while in high school since I am involved in the school’s dance troupe. I was also attracted to the idea that I can go to different places while doing what I love to do.

Dancing also reflects the life and tradition of a place. In the Philippines alone, every region can show a distinctive folk dance that best represents their culture with complete outfit and everything.

Let’s go global this time! Here are some of the places I want to visit just to learn and dance from where it originated.

Flamenco in Spain


I remember wearing a flamenco costume for a school program when I was around 6-8 years old. I wanted to take lessons concentrating on this type of dance, but we don’t have any dance studios in my home province. My desire to learn flamenco flourished once more after I saw the movie In Nomine Matris (In the Name of the Mother) by Will Fredo. If you can, try to watch this film! It is a good film showing how women express their feelings through dancing.

Tango in Argentina


Last year, I read a blog entry about a girl meeting her Argentinian husband in another country. I also read the memoir Love With a Chance of Drowning by Torre de Roche last week (will write a book review soon!). It seems that Argentinian men are good lovers, but I am more interested in looking for a dance partner who can teach me how to Tango! It is important to scout for accommodation in Buenos Aires as early as now in order to estimate the budget. Oh, I also heard that the food is worth traveling for!

Belly Dancing in Egypt

I have a big stomach now and I ain’t proud of it! Belly Dancing is one of the exercises being promoted to women in order to stay in shape. Movies that I’ve seen in the past suggests that belly dancing originated somewhere in the Middle East, but I have a feeling that it started in Egypt.  I think it is also the easiest among the suggested routines. Shake those hips ala Shakira!

Gangnam Style in South Korea

I don’t think I need extra classes for that. I’ll do a Gangnam Style video in Insadong the next time I visit South Korea! 😛

Let the dance tour begin! 😀 Have you ever thought of visiting a place just to learn a specific type of dance?

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  1. The Guy said:

    I like your thinking. Dancing the traditional way of your location is surely a great way to experience a place.

    I must admit to not being great as a structured dancer, I tried ballroom at University. However when it comes to freestyle I think I can keep the beat better 🙂

    November 27, 2014

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