Travel Photo of the Week: The Tree House | Manila, Philippines

At one point in the 90’s, every kid aspires to have his/her own tree house. I cannot exactly pinpoint which film inspired me to approach my dad one day and asked him if it is possible for me to have my own ‘space’ in a big tree near our house. He explained to me that it is impossible for us to build a tree house in our area since Pangasinan is a favorite destination of typhoons. I want my own headquarters where I can post my Madonna cut outs. I want to be the one to redecorate it and only those who know the ‘secret code’ can enter.

The Bride and the Lover Last Taping Day

Fast forward to 2013. I spotted this impressive Tree House in FernWood Gardens, a popular wedding reception favorite in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. I was there for the last shooting day for the sexy-drama film ‘The Bride and the Lover’, which was shown in Philippine cinemas nationwide in May. While waiting for the big fight scene between the lead female stars Lovi Poe and Jennylyn Mercado, I took the opportunity to interview the cast members and at the same time take pictures of the venue.

The Tree House reminded me of that simple dream of mine as a kid. All I wanted is a place where I can keep some of my documents (a.k.a. short stories, drawings, cut outs) and hang out with my friends. I want to keep some of my toys there too. Remember the street-friendy ‘teks’ cards and paperdolls? Yep, I want to hide them there for safety purposes.

It is never too late to make my tree house project turn into reality. I think launching a hostel with a tree house-themed accommodation will be a hit. A friend of mine stayed in one somewhere in Africa and I just love the concept! I will make sure there is Free Wifi so my guests can just update their social networking sites, work on virtual tasks  within the comforts of the tree house. Ah, so many ideas running through my head now! For the meantime, let me figure out how i’d be able to get funds for the project.


  1. Hogga said:

    i would have cut a man for a treehouse when i was a kid….and maybe now

    July 4, 2013
    • Senyorita said:


      July 10, 2013

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