JEST Camp Subic Adventure – Surpassing an Obstacle Course

Our Silver Surfer and Superman Ride at Subic Tree Top Adventure served as a warm-up for our next activity. The JEST Camp is located within the vicinity. I went there a few years ago with my parents and we were able to visit the Butterfly Garden and saw different species of birds. The whole place was under a major renovation back then, but I remember it as a good side trip before driving back to Manila.

I wanna see your Peacock!
I wanna see your Peacock!

This time, the place looked a bit more organized. A very cute Peacock welcomed us as he struts his stuff like a supermodel (or most likely a birdie contestant of Rupaul’s Drag Race teehee). We were then introduced to Albert, the assigned tour guide for the group. I can say in tours I’ve participated in, I consider him as one of my top favorites. He is just jolly and didn’t fail in making us all focused and interested with the Bird Discovery Center. Admit it – you tend to get bored when your visiting such place especially if you’re not really into these things. It takes one enthusiastic tour guide to keep everything interesting.

At the Bird Discovery Center
At the Bird Discovery Center

Here are some of the Bird species we met. I am not necessarily a bird lover, but I have to admit I enjoyed this part of the tour. These birds are stars in their own right as they’re not only colorful and beautiful – they’re talented too! Some utter small bits of words while the others can whip their imaginary hair back and forth.

The highlight of our afternoon JEST Camp Trip is the Aerial Adventure Walk. When I saw it, I instantly brought me back to my childhood. You know that feeling of getting into a complicated playground yet you were able to try everything you’re supposed to do with it? Since I am now a twenty-something visitor, I also picture a company outing activity. Competitive Mode = ON!

The first part is the Hanging Bridge. Sus, sisiw. Yakang-yaka ko ‘to! I passed this part with flying colors and I almost felt like a circus performer showing a good stunt. Only that I have a safety harness attached to my body for safety hehe.

The second part is a floating barrel. I remember stopping for a bit to rest. It  reminds me of the military training scene from Spice World The Movie.

^Can I pull a Posh?

The third part is challenging. There’s a steel wire and we’re required to go to the other side with hanging ropes as our main support. Boop, balance!

Girls, we can do this!
Girls, we can do this!

The fourth one is quite tricky. I almost chickened out on this part, but being the third one in the group to move, backing out is not a good idea LOL. This part requires us to go to the other side by crossing a hanging bride which requires mini steps for you to move to the next level. The saying ‘one step at a time’ is very applicable to this activity since it is more easier if you apply that rule here. Add the fact that I am no wearing the proper footwear, one must be careful.

The fifth and almost final stop is the spider rope bridge. This is a bit more easy like 1, 2, 3. It can also act as a good stop for those who wants to take a little rest by lying down.

The final stop is the Zipline, where you are seated comfortably and you just go with the flow. The group successfully completed this maze. Amazeballs!

We surpassed the obstacle course!
We surpassed the obstacle course!

It’s been a long time since I tried such military-training kind of activity, and I’m glad that my companions were fun to be with. Yeah, we automatically became kids again (mentally, at least) that afternoon.

Photo Credits: Christian and Dan. This is a part of our weekend getaway with Subic Homes.


J.E.S.T Camp, Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa
Subic Bay Freeport Zone,
Zambales, Philippines 2209

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