Fine Dining in Singapore at a Discount

One of the pleasures of travel is the chance to sample authentic local cuisine. In a multicultural place like Singapore that is home to such diverse groups as Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Malays, Thai and others, it is a gastronomic tour. A visitor to this island nation can sample authentic regional cooking at innumerable restaurants. Another wonderful dining experience is available at hawkers’ stalls in Singapore.

If you love fine dining, you may want to visit restaurants in Singapore. Singapore has a number of restaurants offering Japanese, Chinese, Indian and cuisines from around the world. Will your stay be long enough to let you sample cuisines from a number of countries? Or will your budget stretch that much?

Start with Spicy Baked Fish at The Manhattan Fish Market at only $ 11 or so. The Tastings Room in Marina Square entices you with a four course Wagyu roast beef meal for only $ 34. The Element Restaurant in Amara invites you to enjoy an international buffet with Teppanyaki at only $ 42.  If you like Japanese food, the KuruKuru Japanese Restaurant lets you sample Salmon Sashimi for only $ 25.  Foodies will love the Bakerzin Lunar New Year Pastries collection in a box costing only $ 23. For a change you can try Indian cuisine at Moghul Mahal Restaurant in Clarke Quay for only $ 15. Fine dining in Singapore at these unreal prices is quite possible when you do it the right way: go prepared with discount coupons. These are by no means the only restaurants worth a visit. There is the Restaurant Absinthe, the Valentino RistoranteItaliano in RochesterPark, LeVel33, IndoChine Waterfront restaurant and the Pizzeria Mozza to keep your gastronomic juices flowing.

The Coq and Balls is a modernistic bar that plays music for you while you can pick from a huge array of wines, beers and drinks while you decide whether to go in for pork belly, teriyaki sandwiches or curried chicken.

The Anar in Sentosa area is a fabulous place to dine on middle eastern cuisine. The menu features Couscous Royal straight from the Sahara, skewered lamb kebab kubide from Iran and plenty more in a pleasant ambience.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Sentosa is a place to enjoy grilled delicacies with mashed potatoes along with some drinks to go along. Is it cheap. No. The Discovery Menu is a seven course meal including foiegras stuffed quail, langoustine fritters and more at a price of $ 250. Ouch!

Well, you need not shell out a whole lot of money for fine dining in Singapore. Get the smarts as they say; go online, visit an online discount voucher website and buy a bunch of coupons. Most of these establishments accept the discount coupons and all of a sudden, with discount of up to 70%, food tastes a whole lot better and you feel hungrier. Recommend a friend and earn a bonus of $ 10. Receive feeds on your smartphone about latest restaurant deals and well, it could get you so obsessed with food, you may want to watch your weight.

NOTE: This is a Guest Post by Daniel Martin


  1. Dylan said:

    Mica, I love eating in their Hawker centers.
    There’s s much to choose from plus it’s cheap.
    I’m now craving for some Singaporean dish. 🙂

    January 26, 2013
    • Senyorita said:

      Hey Dylan! I might revisit Singapore soon. I’m looking forward to it since 2009 pa last SG trip ko. Dami nang bago 🙂

      January 27, 2013

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