Travel Photo of the Week: Timmangtang Rock | Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Timmangtang Rock

There are a lot of rock formations found in Ilocos Norte. One of which is the Timmangtang Rock found in Pagudpud. We saw this bell-shaped giant rock on our way to Blue Lagoon beach.

Not far from the Timmangtang Rock is the Bantay Abot Cave. We wanted to go there to take more pictures, but the weather deprived us from doing so. Did you know that Timmangtang Rock and Bantay Abot Cave are collectively known as ‘Lover’s Rock’? According to an Ilocano legend, the two loved each other deeply. Storytellers mentioned that Timmangtang Rock is the male and Bantay Abot is the female. Hmmm… relationship ‘on the rocks’, huh? 😛

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