Travel Photo of the Week: The Wrangler | Siquijor Island, Philippines


Siquijor Island is dubbed as the ‘Island of Fire’ in the Philippines. According to a popular legend, the island was discovered by the Spaniards and got fascinated with the fireflies roaming around at night.

Watching a number of horror films and TV specials as a kid made me curious about Siquijor. I also want to know if the stories about it were true. I’m glad that I met a co-travel blogger turned good friend who was born and raised in Siquijor. More than a month ago, I spent five days in Siquijor and I can say that the place is misunderstood due to the negative media hype.

In order to explore Siquijor more, Dylan and I decided to do a Wrangler Road Trip. This specific vehicle is very special for him due to sentimental reasons. I wonder if he is considering getting car insurance quotes in case it gets damaged (i hope not!). Exploring Siquijor as a solo traveler can be expensive and you can only cover limited destinations. In my case, I was able to visit some of Siquijor’s unexplored beaches, new resorts and fascinating waterfalls. Having a good host also counts. I am blessed with this particular trip!

I noticed that majority of the tourists I saw there are foreigners. They are not really terrified with the stories about the supernaturals and all. Expect more Siquijor blog entries from me in the coming weeks as I am determined to convince you to visit this mystic island!


    • Senyorita said:

      Awts kay Dylan yan mismo πŸ˜€

      May 11, 2012

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