Travel Photo of the Week: Chasing the Sunset | Chiang Mai, Thailand

Songtaew in Chiang Mai
Songtaew in Chiang Mai

Here’s a quick snapshot I took while inside a songtaew in a street somewhere in Chiang Mai. I am scheduled to leave this digital nomad haven the next day so I wanted to do something relevant yet on my budget. After contemplating on what to do that afternoon, I went to the Chiang Mai Zoo at 2:30PM to see the pandas and at the same time verify if it is really a clean and colorful zoo. I plan to visit the Doi Suthep after since it is a bit near anyway.

I left the zoo at 4:30PM. I saw a corner where songtaew drivers are waiting for possible passengers. Unfortunately, there were no other passengers that time. I guess most of the guests are too occupied with taking animal pictures or maybe they’re enjoying the scenery with the kids. As of writing, the Chiang Mai Zoo is the best zoo I’ve been. It is my first zoo visit outside of the Philippines 😛

Instead of waiting for the rest, I attempted to stop a songtaew who is on the way to Doi Suthep. He refused and pointed the waiting shed. Tsk. My inner stubborn persona now wants to go back to the hostel and rest a bit.

A songtaew on the way back to Thapae Gate passed by so I gave a go signal. I smiled upon learning that the driver is a lady in her 30’s. While inside the songtaew, some passengers spoke to me in Thai. When I told them that I am Filipino, they smiled and tried to start a conversation with me in english. Since majority of the passengers were girls in their teens, I bet you can guess what our topic was all about LOL.

I really want to take a sunset photo from Doi Suthep since I’ve seen some good pictures from other websites. For now, I’d settle with this ‘Chasing Sunset’ photo. It kind of reminded me on how I want to do things my way (meaning fast) yet I end up getting tired and lazy afterwards. Why need to rush just to get tired? Why not rush and cover more spots? I dunno. I want to sleep now so I’ll click the publish button since it is almost sunrise 😛

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