Waking Up in Bangkok: Breakfast at Gecko Bar in Soi Rambuttri

Sawatdee Ka! It was a lazy Sunday morning in Bangkok, but we figured out that we shouldn’t waste our time. It is beneficial for backpackers to stay within the Khao San Road- Soi Rambuttri area because some of Bangkok’s most recognized landmarks are just a few steps away.

Waking up hungry, we left Thara House immediately and went straight to Soi Rambuttri to look for a good place to eat breakfast. It seems like everyone woke up late as almost every food establishments were full. We tried looking for a Pad Thai vendor, but we failed.

Gecko Bar sign
Gecko Bar in Soi Rambuttri (Photo by trippingsbydrew.com)

Thanks to that group of backpackers who left on our second attempt, we found a spot at Gecko Bar. What I love about the set-up is that the tables and chairs face the road. It’s fun to look at random strangers while eating your breakfast or while sipping your favorite morning coffee.

Gecko Bar in Soi Rambuttri
Gecko Bar's lazy set-up

Another reason why I love this place is the Free Wifi. Actually, I suspect that one of the customers that morning is a blogger too. He was editing some pictures he took from Khao San Road and later on switched into a coding window.

Here’s what we ordered for our breakfast:

Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup - 40Baht
Fried Rice with Vegetable and Chicken - 40 Baht
Fried Rice with Vegetable and Chicken - 40 Baht
Good Morning, Twitterlandia!

I spent 70 Baht for my meal (Fried Rice with Vegetables and Chicken + Iced Coffee). The servings were pretty big (for me at least) that’s why I didn’t really think of lunch. Now that our stomach is full, we are ready for some sightseeing and temple hopping!

Gecko Bar Blogger Spotted
Wordpress user spotted! I knew it! 😛

CONFIRMED: He’s a blogger! I tried to lurk in his screen once more and saw a WordPress platform. I think he owns a travel blog in German or other European Language. Aside from his Bangkok-related adventures, maybe he is also searching for  a perfect holiday to magaluf  . This is a fun way to spot a co-blogger 😛

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  1. Synz said:

    You should have approached and befriended the guy. He might have great story to tell. 🙂

    March 21, 2012

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