Krispy Kreme Hotlight Store at Bull Ring, Birmingham

It is no secret that I am a Krispy Kreme lover particularly the Greenhills branch here in the Philippines. Try to read some of my posts at my personal blog and try to watch some of my short films. I just love the ambiance and the staff here are cool too!

Krispy Kreme Bull Ring, Birmingham
Krispy Kreme Bull Ring, Birmingham

During my trip to the United Kingdom earlier this year, I managed to visit two Krispy Kreme outlets – one in London and one in Birmingham.

The Hotlight station

Before our day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, my mom and her friends granted my request to pass by the Krispy Kreme Hotlight Store located at Upper Mall East, Bull Ring, Birmingham. I rushed to the counter when I saw the red light on and my mom is not so used to this scenario. In her own words, she described me as ‘a little girl trapped in a tall woman’s body craving for donuts’.

Sweetness Guaranteed

The selection of doughnuts is almost similar with what we have here in the Philippines. I discovered that they only offer Hot Coffee drinks only. My favorite KK drink is the Iced Mocha so booo… I had to wait for my Manila trip before I can sip from my Iced Mocha again.


We decided to buy a box of assorted donuts for my brother Carlo. Special treat for my one and only brother 😛 He is still that sweet boy I took good care of and he kept half of the donuts at the refrigerator and permitted us to eat the other half LOL.

When in Birmingham, go straight to Bull Ring to satisfy your Krispy Kreme cravings. =P


  1. You must have been so stoked =p I have not seen a KK stand here in Oz but a group of Pakistanis gave some to us. Excited to blog about it. Hahaha.

    October 5, 2011

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