Island Hopping Tour in Guimaras Before Sunset

Guimaras is known nationwide due to its sweet mangoes, but the place is more than that. I remember reading Gael’s blog on how she instantly fell in love with Guimaras. I think it is her most favorite destination in the Philippines. Why did she fall in love with Guimaras? Why did she bothered catching the so-called ‘Guimaras Sunset’?

Waiting for the Guimaras Sunset

I admit that Ada and I were quite tired and lazy that afternoon. After eating our late lunch and some other arguments (LOL), we decided to just rest in the room and almost did not push through with the Island Hopping Tour. We wanted to lessen the cost by waiting for other guests to do their island hopping (joiners nyahaha). Since there were no signs of interest from other guests (wait… do they have other guests that day?!), we decided to push through with the Guimaras Island Tour at 3:30PM.

Raymen’s Beach Resort has its own Island Hopping Tour Package.  We payed Php400 for the first hour + Php 150 for the succeeding hour. We could have lessen the cost if we were in a large group, but no regrets. It’s a good deal!

Never too late for an island hopping tour!

Before the boat engine starts, I noticed that the sea water in Guimaras is unique compared to the other beaches i’ve been to. The waves were also strong that time. I was a bit tired and I tempted to sleep at the boat. I decided not to for safety reasons.

Ada carrying a Pawikan

Our first stop is the Lawi Marine Turtle Rescue Center. It is where the Pawikans are being taken good care of. I am glad that Guimaras has a place like this. Ada managed to carry a Pawikan while I pretended to carry one =)).

Ada even took a video of me when i thought she was taking a photograph. Funny me 😛


Ave Maria Island

The next stop is the Ave Maria Islet/Island. It is surrounded by big rock formations and the view is quite relaxing. It is named Ave Maria because the cave entrance’s structure is like of the Virgin’s grotto.

in this island...
Adaphobic and Micamyx

We rented one snorkeling apparatus and tried to snorkel a bit. A jumpshot is a must for us two so here is our best shot 😛

The Jumpshot Fight!

The biggest mystery of the day: How did these kitties reached the Ave Maria Island? I pity them because obviously, they were feeling cold with nothing to eat. 😐

Please rescue them

The next stop is a limestone cave which has dead stalactites and stalagmites. I am impressed on how they managed to preserve the beauty of the cave. Simply lovely 😀

Entering the Cave




i can see the light

Our stay there is short yet memorable. We were supposed to go out in the second entrance, but due to the high current, the boatmen decided to just back pass through the first way.

Our next destination is the Baras Beach Resort. Some of our travel blogger friends were suggesting that we stay there if we have extra money. Our tour guide insisted that we should go there and take a photo of the sunset while on the cliff. I’m glad he convinced us to go because the view from the cliff is just sooooo breathtaking!

Ang ganda.... ng view 😛
Bloggers in Baras Beach Resort
Trying to be serious here
Happy Kids are here again
To jump or not?
What a nice view!

…. and there you go!

Hello, Guimaras Sunset!

Lovely, isn’t it? I find that spot in Baras Beach Resort really romantic. Wedding proposal before sunset? Why not? 😛

Leaving Baras

We stayed there for 20 minutes. We left Baras Beach Resort with a big smile on our faces 😀

Guimaras Sunset FTW!
...and now i am an emotional traveler

I’m glad we were able to witness the Guimaras Sunset with our own eyes. In moments like these, you can’t help but feel thankful that we live the life we have right now. Sunsets do have hidden meanings and at times, the sunset can depict something that pertains to an end of something. I still have this habit of watching sunsets because i find it really inspiring. It’s like you’re closing a book chapter and you are about to read something new when the sun rises 😀 (EMO LOL).

So there you have it! All in all, we had a very good 30th of November. It is a good way of celebrating our Bonifacio Day 😛


  1. I guess your future Mr. Right will not have a hard time thinking of ways how to propose to you 🙂

    February 14, 2011
    • admin said:

      Hehehe 😛 That is if he’ll be able to read this 😛

      February 14, 2011
  2. eric said:

    nung nag sunset 2 years ago. nag kayak ako papunta sa harap na island may kasamang samwann bwahahah

    April 21, 2011
  3. Guimaras sunset is truly romantic… I miss it during my visit…

    September 20, 2012

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