The 16th Century Guiob Church Ruins in Camiguin

If there is one thing that Camiguin and La Union, I have to say it’s the existence of 16th Century Church Ruins and Century Old Trees. If La Union has the Pindangan Church Ruins, Camiguin is proud to present the Guiob Church Ruins which is well-maintained by the local government.

The 16th Century Guiob Church Ruins

We went straight to the Guiob Church a.k.a. Old Church after our Sunken Cemetery visit. It was already 5:30pm when we arrived and it was actually cold! The place somewhat made us feel we’re in Grazilda’s Fantasia land LOL just kidding.

Walls of the Church with planted tall trees

The Guiob Church was damaged sometime in the 18th century due to the volcanic eruption. I am a tree person and the tall trees really made me happy.

Coral Stones

When you take a closer look to the structure of the old church, you’ll notice that it is actually made of Coral Stones. No wonder this place is a must-see for every tourist.

I wonder how old this tree really is...

What kept me interested is the Century Old Tree – It’s Standing Still 🙂

The Century Tree beside the Old Convent Ruins
The Old Bell House and the beautiful scenery
Where scheduled masses are being held

At the back of the Church, you will also see the the old bell tower and the old convent. A certain caretaker even gave us a brief background about the place. There are some scheduled masses being conducted at Guiob Church. It is also a favorite spot for photo shoots.

Beautiful Trees in a Ruined Spot

The 16th Century Guiob Church Ruins a.k.a. Old Church is located in Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin. In this case, I can say that some ruins are beautiful – don’t you agree with me? 🙂

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