Paras Beach Resort – Camiguin Island’s Favorite Resort

Once you hear the place ‘Camiguin’, it is automatic that people will recommend you to stay in Paras Beach Resort. Aside from the fact that it is said to be the best resort within Mambajao, it is also the nearest to the White Island.

Boats parked at Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin Island

Our group originally planned to book there. Unfortunately, the cheapest room is not available for occupancy that’s why me moved to Paguia’s Cottages, which is located just a few steps beside Paras Beach Resort. We were all hungry when we arrived in Paguia’s. Kuya Rene suggested that we eat lunch at Paras Beach Resort. We went there not only because we’re hungry, but we’re also curious to know on why this place is described to be ‘the best’.

Paras Beach Resort’s Pool Area and Cottages

We found out that the place used to be a family rest house. It’s only open to family members, but since the possibility of gaining higher income was foreseen, Paras Beach Resort finally opened for public sometime in 1995. Read more from the libraries near Manassas, VA.

Maire taking scenic pictures

The Paras Clan is a prominent family in Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro. They also own Paras Sea Cat (Para Sikat! Hehe :P), the fastest and most comfortable ride if you want to go to Cagayan de Oro and Bohol when you’re traveling from Camiguin.

Meanwhile, here’s what we had for lunch. Yum!

Sinigang na Baboy – Kelangan namin ng sabaw!!!
Sizzling Bulalo is Sizzling Hot! Oooh la la!

We ate a lot and we’re all sleepy. We went straight to White Island after eating our much-deserved meal. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to take room photos. You can check them out at Paras Beach Resort’s official website.

PARAS BEACH RESORT – Camiguin Island Contact Details:
Cagayan Office
Unit #1A, 52nd Business Center, Gaerlan St.
9000 Cagayan de Oro City Philippines
Telephone: +63 (88) 8568563
Telefax: +63 (88) 8568562
Cell number: 0917-7172474

Camiguin Office
Telephone: +63 (88) 3879008
Telefax: +63 (88) 3879117
Cell number: 09269443606

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  1. nagutom ako sa mga food! haha i’ll keep this in mind when i visit Camiguin nxt year!
    enjoy your stay w/ ur mom and bro. kakainggit ka Mica! i miss you too! *hugz*

    December 12, 2010

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