Dress To Impress!

Last Saturday, a few bloggers were invited in an undisclosed location. According to the invitation, we have to ‘Dress to Impress’. What does that necessarily mean?


I met up with Maki before the event. We decided to wear a simple dress and high-heeled shoes. No slippers and no skinny jeans for that day. We applied a little make up on and off we go to Greenbelt for the very secretive event.

Upon arrival, I saw a number of bloggers in their semi-formal outfit. The girls looked gorgeous with their dresses and the gents looked like a perfect gentlemen with their attire. We were actually late and we were transferred into another undisclosed location for a new service by a big network provider.

On our way back to the first venue, Winston took some photos of me. I can’t help but remember my office days in Makati. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a dress and high-heeled shoes at the busy place. Maybe I should do this often. What do you think?


  1. Ada said:

    You look sexy here Mica! Very simple but sexy!

    September 13, 2009
    • admin said:

      Thanks Ada! 😀

      September 26, 2009
  2. iggy said:



    September 26, 2009
    • admin said:


      September 28, 2009

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