Luxury Travel in Thailand: Our Samui-Phangan Getaway Itinerary

I’LL BE HONEST: I had NO interest in visiting and splurging money on Thailand’s beach destinations. In my own opinion, my home country has some of the world’s best tourist destinations that will make beach lovers from around the world happy and satisfied. I admit that I sounded rude with that assumption.


When TBEX Asia 2015 opened its list of familiarization trips, I decided to pick three beach destinations – Phuket, Krabi or Samui. It was an opportunity for me to visit some of Thailand’s prime tourist destinations and discover why luxury travelers from all over the world are going crazy about it. What’s with their beaches? What’s with the resorts? Are they more hospitable?

Imagine how happy I was when I found out I’ll be a part of the Discover Island: Women’s Luxury Samui-Phanggan Getaway!

My BANGKOK AIRWAYS Flight Experience


Bangkok Airways is one of Thailand’s best airlines. They even have an exclusive airport in Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport).

While waiting for our flight, we were ushered to Bangkok Airways’ Lounge. Most of us haven’t eaten breakfast yet due to the early call time that’s why I was so happy! No wonder they’re called “Asia’s Boutique Airline”.

Breakfast courtesy of Bangkok Airways
Breakfast courtesy of Bangkok Airways

The flight duration of Bangkok-Samui flight is 1 hour. We were served breakfast with drinks and inflight entertainment.



Picture yourself arriving in an island with an airport as beautiful and well-maintained as this one. I thought we landed in a resort with its own runway!


A peak of my villa in Santhiya Resorts
A peak of my villa in Santhiya Resorts


What I love the most about this trip are the resorts where we stayed at. Santhiya Resorts and Spa Koh Phangan  (check discounted rates) gives its guest a traditional Thai accommodation and atmosphere. From the private villas to the restaurant, you will surely enjoy an authentic Thai hospitality experience. Full review about my stay will be published soon!

^ For the meantime, here’s a video!



Ideally, India is the place to try Yoga for the first time. You can practice on your own with Marianne Wells Yoga Instructor online. Unfortunately, we only witnessed a yoga demonstration while in Kerala state in India. I rejoiced upon seeing ‘Yoga Class’ in our itinerary.

What makes this part special? We attended one of Thailand’s top yoga sanctuaries and it took us time to find the right place. We hiked and attended an advanced class. Yes, ADVANCED CLASS!



We went back to Samui Island the next day. We had lunch in a beachfront restaurant where I rode a mini elephant statue. We went straight to W RETREAT RESORT!

If Santhiya Resorts & Spa offered the traditional type of accommodation, W Retreat Samui (check discounted rates) is the exact opposite. Modern interior, energetic background music (I felt as if I am in a catwalk for a fashion show) and a state-of-the-art villa. With sweet spot. With beach. With your own private pool. With good food. With everything good! I will post a full blog review soon!


Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai)
Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai)
Strolling at Chaweng Beach in Samui on a gloomy morning
Strolling at Chaweng Beach in Samui on a gloomy morning
Quirky stopover atHin Ta Hin Yai (Grandpa and Grandma's rock)
Quirky stopover atHin Ta Hin Yai (Grandpa and Grandma’s rock)


Relaxing afternoon at Tamarind Springs: The perfect finale for any Samui-Phangan Getaway!
Relaxing afternoon at Tamarind Springs: The perfect finale for any Samui-Phangan Getaway!

Have you ever pictured yourself starring in a spa informercial in heaven? That’s what I felt while having a ‘Forest Dreaming’ treatment at Tamarind Springs. Clients are really forced to leave everything behind (mobile phones, cameras, clothes, your worries and problems) and embrace this magical world.

Indulge on natural scrubs that you can apply in your body as you lounge in one of the two steam caves and cool down in any of the rock plunge pools. Once you’re ready, they’ll do an outdoor massage treatment of your choice overlooking the mystical forest. How I wish we were given the freedom to take pictures, but we all need to disconnect from gadgets every once in a while. Highly recommended!

We were all sad while on our way to the Samui Airport for our flight back to Bangkok. Separation anxiety from Thailand’s prime luxury destination is just too strong. Well, the beautiful airport made us feel a bit better though..

Samui Airport's Departure Boarding Area
Samui Airport’s Departure Boarding Area

I take back my initial assumptions about Samui and Phangan. I encourage everyone – especially honeymooners! Hope this post will help you in planning your Samui-Phangan Getaway Itinerary. I know I have more places to visit in Thailand. I’m hoping to come back as soon as possible with a romantic partner in tow. Haha. Wishful thinking. SEE YOU SOON, SAMUI!

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