Guiwanon Spring Park in Siquijor

Siquijor is surrounded by mangroves. In fact, the mystical place was tagged as ‘the Island of Fire’ during the Spanish era due to the fireflies that exudes an intriguing glow at night.

Guiwanon Spring Park - Siquijor
Entering Guiwanon Spring Park

We took a short stopover at Guiwanon Spring Park before heading home for our late lunch. It’s my last day in Siquijor and I am also curious about this place. For a minimal fee of Php10 each, we were able to enter in this simple yet clean mangrove sanctuary.

Guiwanon Spring Park - Siquijor
I want to stay there!

I saw a number of tree houses and nipa huts upon arrival. Apparently, interested guests are allowed to stay here for a couple of days. If I remember it right, it will only cost you Php250 for an overnight stay. I am thinking of staying there soon just for the experience. No wifi, limited electricity usage and just pure relaxation. The wooden foot bridge and bamboo structure is an added appeal.

Guiwanon Spring Park - Siquijor

While taking pictures, I noticed a dining area where a videoke machine is installed. I think the members of the cooperative are slowly developing the Guiwanon Spring Park into a place where tourists can do stopovers for some refreshments and picture taking.

Guiwanon Spring Park - Siquijor
Afternoon videoke siesta. Game?

Guiwanon Spring Park - Siquijor

Big groups may also rent the place for parties and other events. I remember that the cool breeze while we were there automatically made me lazy. I just want to site, relax…. and get some coins so I can sing LOL.

Guiwanon Spring Park - Siquijor
One last souvenir shot

Guiwanon Spring Park is worth the visit. I’m sure this is included in Siquijor Day Tour Packages or just ask the tricycle driver to take you there.

Have you been to Guiwanon Spring Park? What are the other mangrove sanctuaries you’ve been to?


  1. Hello! I will be traveling to Siquijor soon and I was wondering what are the activities there in Guiwanon Spring Park ? Is there a hot or cold spring there? Is it hidden somewhere like Hidden Valley Laguna or is that just the name of the place? Sorry for asking such questions, I am not really from the Philippines and I will just be visiting someone near Siquijor so I thought why not stop by there since I will be there. Thanks!

    March 10, 2016
    • Senyorita said:

      It’s not hidden and you can reach the place easily.

      March 14, 2016

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