Travel Video: Bohol Trip with a Reggae Vibe

When you’re in the Philippines and you want to do a tour with family and friends, I suggest that you visit Bohol. Ada, Maire, Dylan and I went to Bohol for a weekend trip. It is a tiring yet fun trip to remember.

From Cebu, we took the fast craft to Tagbilaran. We encountered some inconsistencies with our accommodation prior to the trip, but we’re glad that we ended up in Reggae Guesthouse in Panglao, Bohol. It is just a few minutes walk away from the famous Alona Beach.

Reggae Guesthouse is fairly new and I think most of their customers are foreigners who would like to experience a more ‘native’ type of accommodation. At night, the french owners would play a good selection of reggae music. They also offer drinks.

I enjoyed this trip very much. Apart from the fact that I am with my most loved travel buddies, I also love the fact that we were able to do so much during that weekend. I recorded a lot of clips to document this trip. I tag this specific trip as ‘Biyaheng Reggae‘. Using the song ‘Celebrate Your Life’ by Boy 2 Quizon as an accompanying music, I can say that watching this video will make you want to invite your family and friends and embark a trip to this beautiful island.

The Chocolate Hills and the Philippine Tarsier are two of the most iconic spots in Bohol. Here’s a list of Things to Do in Bohol, Philippines.

Have you been to Bohol Island? Share your travel experiences at the comments section =)

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