Leyte Trip Day 1: On Missing the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival Highlights

For years, friends have been convincing me to visit Leyte for the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival. I am not really a festival junkie, but I learned to appreciate it after my  Masskara Festival experience in Bacolod last year. Since Eric of Byahilo is scheduled to judge tons of contests, I decided to book a ticket bound for Tacloban and witness another colorful Philippine Festival.

Finally in Tacloban City, Leyte!
Finally in Tacloban City, Leyte!

Unfortunately, I didn’t really witness the street dancing part of Pintados Kasadyaan Festival even if I arrived there on the date of the competition. I have this tendency of being lazy to move if I am alone in a place (at least on the first day). Most of the time, the first day of any trip is devoted for sleeping, eating or working.


I left Manila at 4:20 AM with no sleep for more than 24 hours. I attempted to take a short nap inside the plane, but the cabin crew announced that we have to prepare for landing right away. Awts. Nap Fail.


Gloomy morning in Tacloban Airport. I went to the tricycle station and asked to bring me to GV Hotels. The standard rate from airport to the city proper via tricycle is Php150.

I was supposed to meet up with Sinjin, a travel blogger friend from Cebu. He cancelled his flight due to unavoidable circumstances, but he managed to book a room at GV Hotels. I saw the pictures online and I have certain expectations about it. Nothing grand, but the pictures online were quite deceiving. I ended up disappointed when I saw the room. Instead of whining or whatever, I chose to just sleep the whole morning to ‘recharge’. I wanted to watch a portion of the Pintados Kasadyaan Streetdancing Contest in the afternoon. Eric forwarded a number of contacts that I can call just in case I am in the area. He will be busy as one of the judges and I didn’t want to be a burden to my beloved yaya who is working so hard, noh! 😛

I woke up at lunch time and checked my e-mail. I have a number of pending tasks to work on! I walked around to look for a good place to eat since I also skipped breakfast. I ended up eating in Chowking =P

While watching the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival... no, not really. Thanks Byahilo for this pic!
While watching the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival… no, not really. Thanks Byahilo for this pic!

When I passed by Bo’s Coffee and spotted a vacant table and chair, I took the opportunity to sit down and get some writing done. Since I was in the mood to be productive, I stayed there the whole afternoon and left at dinner time. In short, I missed the Street Dancing competition. I MISSED THE MAIN REASON WHY I BOOKED A FLIGHT TO TACLOBAN IN THE FIRST PLACE. Fail.

I went back to the hotel room to work on more tasks while watching my favorite teleserye.

There you have it. You now have a glimpse of the reality of my travel life – I work while I travel.

And I can be really lazy and sleepy on the first day.



Leyte Trip Day 1: On Missing the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival Highlights

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* This trip took place on the 4th week of June, 2012.


  1. That’s too bad you missed the festival:( I love festivals and I would have loved to read your experience about it, especially because I have not heard of this particular festival. At least your day was productive work-wise.

    September 1, 2012

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