Aldevinco Shopping Center in Davao City

Last May, I went to Davao for the 4th or 5th time for the yearly Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT). When my mom learned about it, she asked me if I can buy some pasalubong for her. I told her that I am not fond of shopping, but then her constant ‘sige na, please?’made me say yes. Apparently, a friend of hers who is originally from Davao City told her that there’s a lot of Mindanao-inspired clothes and handicrafts there that are affordable. Hmmm…

Aldevinco Shopping Center
Aldevinco Shopping Center Entrance

When Eric asked me if I can accompany him to Aldevinco, I immediately said yes. It’s my first time to visit this shopping center. Later on, Ate Ria followed us since she needed to buy something for her upcoming Boracay trip. Eric went there to buy some souvenirs for his batik collection.

Aldevinco Shopping Center
More Mindanaoan items for sale

There’s a lot of stalls in Aldevinco that offers creative items for an affordable price. Being the lazy shopper that I am, I went to the first shop I saw and bought items from there. I asked for discounts and I think my bargaining skills worked this time πŸ˜› I saw some items that reminded me of my Siem Reap and Chiang Mai trip. Meron din pala ito rito πŸ˜›

Aldevinco Shopping Center
Bohemian bags imported from Thailand/Malaysia

Some of the items I bought include sarongs, scarfs, malongs and floral dresses. I showed the items to my mom via Skype and her expression was priceless. I guess she truly missed it.

Eric and Ria are good shoppers that’s why it is no surprise that they have the patience to look for good items in different shops. If I have enough money, I would like to buy decorative crafts and traditional items to put in my future home. It is a dream of mine to collect giant souvenirs from the places I’ve been to. I am keen on buying items from Davao, Banaue and Puerto Princesa once I have enough funds for it. For now, I will settle with keychains, postcards and pictures πŸ˜›

Aldevinco Shopping Center

When in Davao City, make sure to pass by Aldevinco Shopping Center especially if you’re a shopaholic or you want to take a glimpse on Mindanao’s finest products. It is also considered as a landmark of Davao and even foreign tourists include it in their ‘must visit’ list.

Claro M. Recto corner Manuel Roxas Avenue
Davao City


  1. Ada Lajara said:

    Loved the Bohemian bags! YAY!! I’m a fan!!

    August 2, 2012
    • Senyorita said:

      Better buy on your next Davao trip! πŸ˜›

      August 3, 2012

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