Unusual Holidays

If you are feeling a little tired of the same old holidays on offer from your local travel agent, you’re not alone. For years now all the general holiday market has had to offer is the same mediocre resort by the beach with a pool and cocktail bar. Either that or an inner city break offering the same tired tourist attractions as they always have.

With that in mind, before booking your package holiday for four, or two, take your search a little wider and check out Mahlatini, where you may just find something a little different.

Why not try Gorilla trekking in Uganda?

The Bwindi Forest National Park in Uganda is home to around half the gorilla population of the whole world. This truly is a once in a life time trip and couldn’t be further from the crowded beach and ice cream sundaes of your regular family holidays. You have the opportunity to track these remarkable creatures through their natural habitat and observe them as they interact in a serene, tranquil setting akin to no other experience in the world.

How about a canoe safari down the Selinda Spillway in Botswana?

A safari is always going to be an experience you will keep with you forever, but why not do it a little differently? Not only is canoeing down this ancient river paying homage to the pioneers of the land but gives you the freedom to stop where you like, explore on foot and really make the experience your own. Botswana is known for its wildlife to keep an eye out for buffalo, wild dogs and elephants!

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