Explore Egypt’s Hidden Treasures

Egypt holidays have long been associated with Nile cruises and tourists day-tripping to view the phenomenal architecture of the many Pyramids, temples and ancient monuments that scatter its baked landscape. However it is also quickly growing a reputation as a diver’s paradise. Scuba divers are trotting off to Egypt on an increasingly regular basis to take advantage of the calm waters of the Red Sea with its excellent visibility and fabulous marine life.

The steady wave action of the Red Sea makes for crystal clear waters. Reef beds and ship wrecks provide a habitat that is home to a large array of fish including barracudas, turtles, stingrays and sharks. For those who don’t want to venture beneath the surface, there are many attractions topside to make your holiday just as special.

Once you’ve set your heart on Egypt as a destination for your holiday there is very little in the way of other vacations to rival it – after all, the heritage alone makes it a trip to remember. There are also many different options with regards to where you can stay. You can choose from an all inclusive package leaving nothing to chance and allowing you to make the most of your free time, alternatively you can go for self catering allowing you complete freedom, or maybe somewhere in the middle with a half-board option. However you choose to take your holiday, don’t miss out on the regular deals available when you book holiday offers with Thomas Cook, or other tour operators. Such companies are able to provide you with a variety of packages and offers to suit your preferred accommodation and also your budget.

Egypt is a country with so much to offer holidaymakers, from the City of Luxor boasting its ancient kings to the sun-kissed beaches on the Red Sea. It certainly promises to be a memorable holiday filled with hidden treasures both above and below the waves.

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