Larsian sa Fuente: Home of the Cebuano Authentic Barbeque

Larsian sa Fuente is the most popular eating place in Cebu City. Aside from the fact that it suits everyone’s budget, customers will be able to taste and feel the authentic Cebuano barbeque here. In fact, it is now recognized as one of the landmarks of Cebu!

Puso or Hanging Rice of Cebu

The news is out that the Cebu Provincial Government is planning to renovate the whole place next month. Supposedly, renovation was originally scheduled for December 2011. They decided to postpone it to give way to the Sinulog Festival 2012 celebration. It is expected that tourists would flock to Larsian sa Fuente for lunch and dinner.

Assorted BBQ from Larsian sa Fuente

On my first trip to Cebu, I recall that the Cebu Bloggers Society initiated a dinner meet-up at Larsian sa Fuente. I didn’t research online prior to the meet-up and all I know is that it is a barbeque place. While waiting for our food, they showed the Pusoor hanging rice. It is my first time to see one. They also do not encourage you to use utensils in here (because there’s none hehe) so you need to use your hands to eat more deliciously. Don’t worry, there are small plastics available that can be used as gloves.

You can order almost every barbeque specialty you can imagine. My favorite is Pork Barbeque and Isaw (chicken intestines). You can also order some siomai if you want.

Siomai sa Tisa

My second Larsian trip is for lunch with the nyoks. The place is not as crowded as it is at night. I experienced a very smokey ambiance in Larsians on my third visit there. It even reached to the point where I cried involuntarily because the smoke irritates everyone’s eye. Because of the smoke, we ended up recording funny videos teehee.

Larsian experience is great with good company

The fourth one is just last December. The group decided to eat late lunch in Larsian sa Fuente after our tiring Moalboal Trip. Yeah, every Larsian bonding must be accompanied by Coke. Ang sarap-sarap!

Yaya Eric, Sizzy Robx and Me - Parang mag-didisco lang kung maka-background! =))

With the news that the government is planning to renovate Larsian sa Fuente, I am afraid that it might lose its appeal to the public. I am hoping that the charm of the place will be retained and I heard that a certain Larsian Diva frequently serenades the customers from time to time. Anyone who can testify?

I bet every Cebuano or tourists who loves Cebu has his/her own Larsian sa Fuente story to tell. Mind to share yours?


  1. killrfillr said:

    Akala ko pandan chicken yung naka-wrap sa dahon rice pala.LOL Parag nakakatakam yung BBQ. Need t o visit this place next time kapag nag-Cebu ulit.

    January 4, 2012
  2. Christeen said:

    Wow mukhang masarap nga 🙂 sayang d namin to napuntahan nung nasa cebu kami last month.

    January 4, 2012
  3. Angelie said:

    Hello can We order larsian bbq and siomai online? We will just pick it up. Pwd ra?

    March 22, 2016

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