Side Trip: Hacienda Luisita

When I was still based in Pangasinan, we usually go to Hacienda Luisita to eat our early breakfast in Jollibee or just to have a short break from the road for a few minutes. At times, my grandfather does his early grocery shopping there so we won’t need to go out to buy food and other items once we reach Manila.

Last month, i stayed in Dagupan for a few days and decided to go back to Manila with my grandfather, who can still take drive long trips at 76! I haven’t done this for more than two years since I seldom go to Dagupan now and. when I do, i usually take a bus trip via Victory Liner or Five Star.

While waiting for him to finish his errands, I decided to take some pictures within the area. Aw, it’s really nice to just relax and take pictures in this place early in the morning 🙂

Hacienda Luisita - Clean and Green
Century Tree?
Jollibee and Dencio's Tarlac
Golayat and Lolo Badong
Microtel Tarlac

It’s our first time to encounter the dynamic duo of Golayat and Lolo Badong. That made our day 😀

I also took the chance to passby Microtel Tarlac, which i believe is the first among all the Microtel chains in the Philippines. I am still thinking of a perfect reason to book a room there soon hehe 😛

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  1. salvacion Legaspi y espiritu santo said:

    please visit and view this website. . very interesting for the Hacienda Luisita

    October 29, 2011

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