9 Tips for Personalizing and Adding Character to Your Bedroom

Conventional design wisdom tells us that bedrooms are a place to relax, implying that they should be sparse and somewhat boring so that our minds can fully unwind. However, this cookie-cutter perspective ignores that we are all individuals and that many of us are only able to relax in a space that is uniquely ours. With that in mind, let’s explore nine ways that you can inject your unique personality into your bedroom.

1) Get the Best Bed You Can

While you may think you’re fine just sleeping on a mattress on the floor, an elevated bed frame is essential for preventing mold from forming on the underside of your mattress. And because you’re going to be using your bed every day, you might as well get something that reflects your personality.

Quality bed frames can get rather expensive, particularly when you need larger sizes. Fortunately, you’ll almost certainly find an affordable, good-quality bed frame for sale in trusted online marketplaces. Spend some time weighing your options and you’ll soon be fitting out your bedroom with a durable bed that reflects your personality.

2) Settle on a Color Scheme

There’s some evidence to suggest that the color scheme you choose for your bedroom can influence your mood. Unsurprisingly, most interior designers will suggest pastels or other less-saturated colors. If that appeals to you, then go for it. But if you want a bolder color scheme, you shouldn’t be shy about going with that as well. So long as the color palette you use is cohesive and reflects your personality and interest, then that is the best palette to use in your bedroom.

3) Invest in High-Quality Linens

The great thing about linens is that your can swap them out to create different looks in your bedroom. If you’re not sure which colors and patterns to get, consider the color schemes or wallpaper patterns you chose for your bedroom walls. From there, you can consider complementary colors and patterns for a cohesive look or intentionally contrasting ones to make a stronger statement.Regardless of the colors or patterns you like, you generally want to get high-quality linens made from natural materials as they tend to feel better against the skin while also having more interesting visual textures.

4) Consider Statement and Mood Lighting

Interesting bedside or ceiling lamps can give your bedroom an alternative focal point that could also show off a bit of your character. You can also play around with different color temperatures and combinations of task and ambient lighting so that you’re better able to fine-tune the moods you want for your bedroom.

5) Add Texture and Drama to Your Ceilings

A recent trend in home interior design is to use the ceiling as an additional avenue for expression. This trend makes a lot of sense for bedrooms as we often gaze up at our ceilings a lot when we’re in bed. Whether you prefer subtle texturing, glossy finishes, or full-blown frescoes, make sure you don’t neglect your bedroom’s “fifth wall”.

6) Include Personalized Art Pieces 

What better way to personalize a bedroom than by hanging up some art that holds a special meaning for you? If you do hang artwork in your bedroom, avoid hanging heavy art or glass objects over your bed and opt for smaller, lighter pieces. If you do hang anything over your bed, avoid using adhesive hooks and only use the appropriate wall anchors to avoid serious accidents.

7) Set Up a Display

While they aren’t always the best place to set up big collections, bedrooms are, nonetheless, a valid place for displaying trinkets and keepsakes that mean something to you. Many people also enjoy falling asleep surrounded by things they enjoy, so a neatly organized collection on bedroom shelves or bedside display cases is well worth considering.

8) Splurge on Pillows 

While some people dislike having an overabundance of pillows on their beds, there are plenty of others who love a bed that’s practically overflowing with them. If you’re in the latter camp, you know that pillows aren’t just for sleeping; they’re also a fantastic way to add both comfort and style to your bedroom. Play around with sizes, shapes, colors, and textures to create a pillow arrangement that truly reflects your creativity and personality.

9) Include a Few Strong Statement Furniture Pieces

A couple of strong statement pieces tend to speak louder than a multitude of less interesting items. Incorporating a few well-chosen statement pieces like a nice chaise lounge or a writing desk can transform your bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary, showing off your personal style in a memorable way.

Life is too short for bedrooms that lack a sense of personality. Your bedroom should be a reflection of you—a space where you can be yourself. Infusing your bedroom with personal touches goes beyond merely decorating it. It’s also about creating an environment that resonates with your passions, dreams, and experiences.

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