The Wonders Of Samar — A Major Reason To Visit Or Stay

Starfish Amongst Corals

Samar, as a group of islands, is one place that you should really go to, at least once in your life.

Samar is home to at least 1000 caves, and just a little over a hundred of them have been fully catalogued as yet. These caves are home to exotic flora and fauna. Among the cave-dwelling creatures that you may find may be local scorpions and cave shrimps and crabs.

Aside from scary things like local scorpions, or yummy things like shrimp and crabs, one thing that you’ll find in caves are awesome stalactites and stalagmites. These are those pointy things that line caves. Stalactites are the pointy things that hang from the ceiling of a cave, while stalagmites are the pointy things that block your way from the ground.

Kidding aside, stalactites and stalagmites are both limestone formations that come from mineral deposits that shape over time. Stalactites, as mentioned, grow from the ceiling, while stalagmites rise from the ground. Both are formations that give caves their character.

Samar’s caves are also home to Karst formations. These are beautiful rock formations that have been formed by water weathering bedrock and limestone. Some of Samar’s caves are home to vast formations of these. One particular cave, Langun Gobingob Cave, is said to be the home to what could possibly Southeast Asia’s second-largest Karst formation.

When you go caving, it’s best that you appreciate every nook and cranny of the cave you are exploring. And that includes the stalactites and stalagmites that may make your way a little more difficult to navigate.

As an activity, exploring caves are not for the lazy. It is something that you mentally prepare for. Understand that you may be gone for hours just walking through the obstacles in your path, but that’s what makes the trip worthwhile: it’s the challenge that matters.

Thus, when you go to Samar Island, Philippines, prepare for a cave adventure like no other.

Aside from caving, Samar Island is a great place to watch dolphins and whale sharks. It is also home to a retirement community for foreigners, built and developed by Chris Bech.

This retirement community is aptly named Paradise Village. If you’re from a first-world country and you’re looking for a place to retire that can stretch your pension, the Philippines is a great choice.

Not only is it a tropical refuge, it also has modern-day amenities that can adequately substitute the conveniences you were used to in the West. This is the paradigm that Chris Bech and his developments operate on: the unspoiled, pristine charm and refuge of an island province, decked out with world-class structures and amenities.

Paradise Village is only one of the properties that Chris Bech is developing. A more exciting retirement community is in Tablas Island, Romblon, Sunset Beach Villas. It is arrayed with high-end structures built to world-class specifications, and it is even supplied with produce from Tablas Highlands Organic Farm. So not only are residents treated to a healthier, quieter environment, they’re also provided with healthier food choices. Surely, Sunset Villas residents will enjoy a longer lifespan.

Indeed, island living heals the heart and soul. So whether it’s Samar Islands or Tablas Island, drink in what nature has to offer.


This is a Guest Post by Geraldine Generalao

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